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Magic Water Quick Dry Book

Magic Water Quick Dry Book

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  1. Reusable Pages: Made of special material that quickly dries after use, allowing for repeated coloring and drawing.
  2. Magic Water Pen: Includes a refillable magic water pen that activates colors on the pages without the need for messy paints or markers.
  3. Colorful Images: Features vibrant, pre-printed illustrations that come to life when touched by the magic water pen, stimulating creativity and imagination.
  4. Educational Content: Offers educational themes such as numbers, letters, animals, or shapes, providing opportunities for learning while having fun.


  1. Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
  2. Pages: Special water-absorbing material, reusable
  3. Pen: Refillable magic water pen
  4. Illustrations: Pre-printed, educational themes
  5. Portability: Lightweight and compact
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